Wayward Daughter’s enchanting collection

by Megan Casci


The beautiful Cait Harrington is the creative mind behind Edinburgh based fashion blog and clothing label, Wayward Daughter. A self confessed lover of baking and Classic FM, Cait also has a penchant for stylish dressing and peter pan collars – the latter of which is reflected throughout her second handmade collection released late last year, which also features cute pinafores, polka dot blouses, boxy tunics and sailor style dresses. 

Cait draws inspiration from Edwardian children’s clothing and 1960s London, looking enthusiastically to any film set in the Edwardian era and produced during the latter decade. She focuses particularly on fictional characters such as Jane Banks in 1964’s Mary Poppins, and Jenny Agutter in 1970’s The Railway Children, a habit she attributes to her choice to study costume design at university rather than a fashion degree. 

This choice came as a result of Cait’s aversion to working within the fashion industry, despite being infatuated with clothes since she was a little girl, it was a path she was never interested in. In fact, her clothing label evolved almost incidentally as a result of her blog: after graduating Cait began to design and make clothes for her own use, receiving such a positive response from her readers via her regular picture posts that the idea to create a clothing line appeared organically. 

The name was born as a result of one of Cait’s Classic FM afternoon sessions, during which the station played The Clog Dance from French comic ballet, La Fille mal gardée. Upon recalling the translation as The Wayward Daughter, Cait instantly knew that this was the name of her brand, and registered the domain name later that day. 

Cait is currently working on finding the right boutiques in Edinburgh and Glasgow in which to sell her collections, alongside the New York based Audrey Grace Boutique which currently houses her label. For now, you can buy online via Cait’s blog at www.waywarddaughter.com.


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