Live Review: Local Natives

Live Review: Local Natives

Electric Circus, 9 February 2013

While everyone else in Edinburgh was cramming into pubs to watch the rugby this past weekend a select few joined Californians Local Natives for their first ever show in the capital, and what a show it was.

Taking to the tiny room in Electric Circus they are greeted with loving cheers before they start with You and I which is a slow builder but follows straight into recent single Breakers which pleases the crowd. It has been four years since the release of Local Natives debut album Gorilla Manor but they have finally returned in 2013 with the brilliant Hummingbird and a UK tour to go with it.

Their new album is sounding great live with the dreamy Ceilings slowing things down and letting the crowd get lost in admiration for the Californians. A real stand out moment of the night was Colombia the emotional and slow track on the album that let the crowd appreciate how far this band have come with their song writing.

Despite touring to support their new album they still enjoy dipping into their debut album. Camera Talk and World News light up the room, playing as loud as they are allowed too, full of energy and instrumentals on stage.

They may have looked cool and stylish with their quirky shirts on stage but Local Natives seemed to be really enjoying their first time to Edinburgh. Singer and guitarist Taylor Rice standing out with his brilliant moustache that stole the show at times, was happy interacting with the crowd and shouting out certain members of the audience, you could see he really appreciated everyone that had come out to see them.

The encore they played was the clear highlight of the set proving that their debut album still has some of their best tracks with Who Know Who Cares creating a chorus of “Ohhhs” from the crowd and Sun Hands rounding things off perfectly with the full band giving it their all.

Edinburgh is not normally as well known for its rowdy crowds, but Local Natives certainly deserved the loud response they evoked. Lets hope they won’t take another three years to return.


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