Nae Danger of being tired at Caley!

nae dangerFinding it hard to get back into the all night essay cramming or facing those 9am lectures with a slight hangover?

Well fear not  because Caley has started stocking the home grown energy drink – Nae Danger! As if its fantastically Scottish name is not enough the yummy and unusual Blue Raspberry and Red Blueberry flavors  definitely offer something different from the usual energy drink suspects.

Fellow Caledonian student, Rachel Challis, who studies business management, said: “I usually drink Red Bull, but when I saw Nae Danger in my uni shop I thought why not give it a try and now I drink it all the time. It’s cheap, tastes great and gives me the boost I need when studying.

“Plus the name sounds interesting too and I know many of my friends at Uni have started drinking it as well. Energy drinks definitely seem to be more popular than coffee – on our campus at least.”

Nae Danger is cheaper than most other energy drinks out there and with a catch line ‘aye…ye cannae whack it…’ how can you resist this cheeky Scottish drink!


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