New Dreams


By Marcus King

I laid to rest in peace another year

With all its dreams turned memories.

They all roll by so quickly

Like stones under rushing water

Only noticed when they’re gone.


I sit by the rushing waters of new streams

Planting seeds of life for a new me

With the same old thoughts turned words turned actions.

No wonder I still feel like a newbie.


I seek the good life of needs satisfied

To quench my thirst to be alive

But when nothing hits the spot

I begin to believe it must be the spot I’m on

And every year I say I’ve been in this position for far too long.

And if I find there’s a need it cannot meet

Then maybe this is a place I should not be

Too many times I’ve tried to get all I could

But I still come up empty

How good is good if it’s always temporary?


I used to sleep walk just to live out my dreams

Sweet dreams of bitter nightmares

Searching the stars of their infinite vastness

To fill the infinite void

Till the infinite one found me

Under the veneer of the eternal dissatisfaction from the temporary.

I was chasing dreams, selfish dreams, selflessly

Till I lost myself eternally but he saved me.

Now I’m swimming in the stream of new dreams. 


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