Here comes the couture bride…

As I was browsing my Facebook news feed I was stopped by Elle Magazine’s post, taking me to the best bridal looks from the couture Spring/Summer 2013 shows.

When thinking about my future wedding dress (as all young girls tend to do from time to time) I picture a classic dress, that will never date. However, I also want my dress to stand out from the crowd and be really particular to my tastes and just different from other peoples – a classic but quirky gown is what I imagine.

Some of the dresses shown are simply stunning and some are a bit too quirky even for me. Though perhaps not all to my taste, I am not naive enough to say these dresses are anything short of amazing.

If I look at them all carefully I know I will find something inspirational in each one, be it the neckline, the straps, the intricate lace, the waistline, or the embellishment. Couture catwalk is all about inspiring the audience and helping them create a look that will match their tastes, maybe these dresses will give you some more ideas about your future gown…


This Christophe Josse dress is my favourite of the dresses Elle has shown. The lace embellishment, the figure hugging shape and the intricate lace design look elegant, feminine and perfectly bridal. The neck line is just too high for me, but on the model, of course, it looks just right.


This Georges Chakra dress is traditional and non-traditional at the same time. The lace veil-like covering is probably not what your everyday bride would choose, but the dress it covers has a beautiful shape, and is much like the princess dresses little girls imagine a wedding dress to be.


The shape of this Alexandre Vaulthier dress is not bridal to look at in my opinion, however the flawless white silk makes me think of freshness and innocence.

I like the idea of those words being involved in the design of a dress, even if this particular design is too alternative for me.

I imagine there is a fresh feeling at every wedding, as a couple start their lives together and a sense of innocence in every bride who walks down the aisle, as they begin the biggest adventure of their life.

For most women, their wedding dress is the most special (not to mention expensive) item of clothing they will ever purchase, and I fail to believe there is not something magical and exciting about every bridal gown created.


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