5 cute animals to cure the midweek blues

It’s Wednesday. The mid-point of  the week. Monday and Tuesday have dragged on, and Friday seems forever away…

But don’t worry! We have a bunch of cute animals that might make you feel a little better… or will at least make you go “aww”

1) Whilst the snow may have made your journey to uni difficult, these shetland ponies are enjoying the colder weather all wrapped up in cute jumpers.

twitterpony                                                                           via @scotdesigner

2) Had a bad day? This grumpy looking pug in a panda suit might cheer you up.


3) Will you ever look as good in a fedora and sunglasses as these rabbits? Probably not. But at least we can enjoy their cuteness.

bunny                                                                                   via The Daily Squee

4) Tough day? Slip into your pj’s and make some hot chocolate. This little dude will provide the marshmallows for you.

hog                                                                           via Buzzfeed animals

5) Smile, the weekend will be here before you know it!



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