What can The Edit do for you?

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University life is hard enough with the endless hangovers, the taunting of the nearby shops, university work and a job to fund all of the above.

So it is understandable if your hobbies and work experience get pushed to the side but this is why contributing to The Edit is so great!

It takes no time to write a 300 word article or snap a photo but it means you can send it in to The Edit and begin to build a portfolio!

We are sure this is all obvious though so The Edits Editor Siobhan is going to list the specific ways in which The Edit has helped her get that little bit closer to her dream career!

1. Contacts: “Through out my years at The Edit (initially contributing, then Arts and Culture Editor to now Editor) I have been able to make many interesting and useful contacts! From going to press events to gaining contacts in the theatres across Glasgow it has definitely helped me out a lot. For example, I was recently able to email a contact, the head of press at the Glasgow Film Theatre, about work experience and she has now added me to the team of staff for this years Glasgow Film Festival. I would not of known her if it were not for doing film reviews for the magazine”.

2. Published work: “Anything that you write for The Edit magazine counts as published work and you can ask one of the team to send you a PDF version of your articles/photos etc. I have done this to apply for social media related placements and experience in public relation firms. It is evidence of your style of writing and proves your enthusiasm for your specific career”.

3. Extra Curricular: “Whether it be hockey, film club or The Edit having an extra curricular activity on your CV shows that you are making the most of your experience at university! It is evidence that you do not just do the bare minimum to scrape by and have some interests apart from the typical student ones too”.

4. It makes interesting conversation: “This is especially true in interviews, I always bring up The Edit as an example of my creative abilities/team working skills etc. and it has never failed me yet! I definitely owe a lot to The Edit as I may not have got all my work placements in PR or even part time job without it”.

Interested? Submit any work to http://www.caledonianstudent.com/media/content/768233/the_edit/submission_drop_box/

Like us at http://www.facebook.com/theeditGCU to hear about the next issues theme

Or email theedit@caledonian.ac.uk for more information.


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