The Edits top viral picks of the week!

It is that awful time of the year when Christmas seems a distant memory, Uni begins again and the weather does not stop getting colder! So what can you do to lift your spirits? Watch endless ridiculous YouTube videos of course.

Here is some of The Edit favourites from this week:

  • ‘My Dog can Skype!’: It seems like Skype being a way for humans to talk to their loved ones is a thing of the past and now our furry friends are using it too. We are not sure what important things dogs need to discuss but this cute pair are definitely in a deep intellectual conversation about something…

  • ‘Dustin Hoffman Stovies’: Dustin Hoffman reflecting on his love of stovies in a strong Scottish accent = brilliant! 

  • ‘The Scientific Power of Thought’: OK so the video is not that interesting but the content is! The idea that we may be able to use our imagination to physically change our appearance and abilities is the perfect excuse to pack in the New Year Resolution diets! 


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