Top Ten Horse Jokes

This week, horse DNA was found in a variety of supermarket products being passed as beef, although none as much as the Tesco Value burgers, which were made up by almost 30% horse meat. The internet was quick to respond to the Tesco horse meat scandal, and a lot of horse-related jokes filled our newsfeed.

Here is our list of the best jokes that we’ve seen:

  1. don’t know what all the fuss is about, Tesco say burger sales are stable
  2. Due to the closure of HMV and Blockbuster, you can now buy Steven Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’. At the butcher section in Tesco’s.
  3. think someones trying to threaten me. Woke up this morning with a tesco burger on my pillow
  4. Tesco Horse Burger…what’s next? My Lidl Pony?
  5. To eat, or not to eat, a Tesco burger that is equestrian
  6. I’m fed up working on the meat counter in Tesco….I just feel like I’m flogging a dead horse
  7. A Tesco burger walks into a bar and says “Can I have a drink?” Bartender: “pardon?” Burger: “Sorry, I’m a little bit horse.”
  8. Tesco – unexpected item in bagging area
  9. Apparently veggie burgers have tested positive for uniquorn
  10. Tesco are now accepting HMV vouchers, although they now stand for Horse Meat Vouchers

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