A Typical Study Day

the thought process of a journalism student on a typical study day (although I have been assured that all students will be able to relate to this)

*day before set alarm for half eight*

8.30 – alarm goes. switch off alarm, go back to sleep.

11.30 – phone rings. concerned parent calling from work to check up on how your studying is going. well, very well, just finished off learning about the European Parliament, thanks!

11.35 – stand in bathroom. debate with self whether its better to eat breakfast first then brush teeth or brush teeth first.

11.37 – pick up toothbrush. stare at toothbrush.

11.38 – come to the conclusion that breakfast should be eaten first. well done!

11.40 – hmmmmm, which cereal to have?

11.44 – carry cereal and newspaper back to bed

11.48 – pretend to care about anything in the newspaper that isn’t to do with Will & Kate or the X Factor.

11.55 – journalism is hard :(

12.05 – carry all potentially relevant books down the stairs and arrange nicely around computer.

12.07 – switch on computer

12.17 – open up blank word document

12.18 – type in name

12.20 – reward self with biscuit

12.22 – check Facebook to see if anyone else is studying

12.24 – stalk random person you went to high school with for no reason

12.30 – is it too early for a lunch break?

12.31 – open notebook

12.32 – remember that you haven’t actually taken any notes during lectures this year

12.33 – type up hilarious Facebook status about studying and how screwed you are for your exams

12.40 – why has no one liked your stat? :( refresh page a few times

12.45 – text friends letting them know you’ve put up a new stat in case they haven’t seen it

12.50 – download and print out lecturer’s slides

12.52 – pretend to read the slides but actually trying to remember what episode of Gossip Girl you got up to last

12.54 – watch Gossip Girl xoxo !

1.55 – right back to studying!!!!!

1.58 – Google image Ed Westwick

1.59 – is he single???????

2.01 – I think he is?!?!?! OMG THIS COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN

2.07 – study!!! back to studying!

2.08 – start to type up some key political terms

2.11 – still typing terms!!!!!  I AM DOING SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

2.15 – reward self with biscuit and check Facebook

2.17 – some random liked the hilarious stat!!!!!! have another biscuit!!!!

2.19 – wonder what’s happening in the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite??? more GG!!!!

3.01 – here, YOLO! watch another episode!

3.42 – right back to studying.

3.43 – can’t believe only two people liked that stat! it was hilarious!

3.45 – highlighter time! get the books out!

3.52 – no idea what is being highlighted but it feels so productive! on a roll!

3.59 – still highlighting!

4.01- remember you still haven’t had lunch! LUNCH TIME!

4.44- should probably find out what’s happening in the world. check BBC news

5.15 – parents come in from work. complain loudly about hard your days been: being a student is soooo much harder than what they do.

5.30 – have a cup of tea and tell your parents more about how hard student life is

5.45 – highlight some more stuff

5.55 – show your highlighted words to your parents. SEE! TOLD YOU THIS WAS HARDWORK!

6.30 – call it a day on the studying front – you’ve still got two more days before the exam anyways. it’ll be fine. now, what’s Chuck Bass up to?


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