Tales from the Big Apple…

Hayley on the highline

Hayley on the highline

Finals are over, meal points are running out, cases are starting to fill up.

My days left in New York are closing in and I am not quite sure how to feel about it.

This wonderful city has been my home for the past four months and I selfishly do not feel that I am ready to leave it.

I will return to Scotland, all being well with flights, just before Christmas. I am excited to see my family and friends to say the least however as I return to my normal life I feel I leave a bit of my life behind in New York.

To be strolling along one of the most exciting cities of the world as part of my everyday life and to be working and mixing with the locals in Brooklyn is just something I can’t frankly get my head around.

I still feel like I am living in a dream- a dream which started when I received the offer for an exchange programme. I know it’s cheesy and cliché but I do have to pinch myself sometimes.

Not only living here but going to university I am greatly honored of the experience. My journalism skills have come on greatly as I learned to report on Long Island on important and touchy cases. I have met some people along the way and story subjects that have changed my whole outlook on life.

I can honestly say this trip has sculptured a new life for me. I am more driven, more focused and more determined to get the most out of my studies and free young life.

Rockefeller Tree

Rockefeller Tree

I want to live here one day. Money wise I realise that this is a big ask, but it’s a goal I am reaching for and know will eventually grasp with both arms. I know I need to live here, I am not done with this city yet.

Either in Brooklyn or Manhattan I hope to be working in a job in journalism, after all it is the place to be for my career path.

The people, the buzz, the events, the attitude feels real. When you are in New York you know your living life to its maximum. You are missing nothing -apart from a healthy supply of air!

It is official, every T-Shirt is right … I ❤ NY.

Throughout the four months I have learnt a lot. Not just at university but in life skills. No words or numerous pictures can show that.

Not to forget the amazing trips I have also been on to Boston, Washington DC, around Long Island and more. They also have given me the best weekend of my life.

I leave Stony Brook University in a couple of days to spend the last few days of my travels in the city going to a Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Nicks basketball game, doing Christmas shopping, visiting museums, dining out, and soaking up every last second spent in the city.

For now it’s goodbye from me in New York. Thank you for reading my posts.

I hope I have given at least one person the courage and inspiration to step out of their comfort zone, take a leap and go on exchange.

I am Hayley Parr reporting for GCU in New York, over and out!


New York City

New York City


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