Best moments in women’s fashion: 2012 edition

Yesterday I posted my favourite men’s fashion moments from this year – today it’s the ladies turn.

Anything Emma Stone Wore.

Emma Stone really captured my heart this year. Not only is she a funny, talented actress and the face of Revlon, she also has the most wanted wardrobe in Hollywood. Some people have all the luck.

Emma Stone looking stylish throughout 2012 in Gucci, Burberry, Giambattista Valli and Calvin Klein

1960’s Style Makes A Comeback.

I’ve previously declared my love for 1960’s fashion and luckily a number high street retailers decided to treat me to some  gorgeous classic styles from this fashionable era. As an added bonus, when the 60’s inspired stuff finally hit the shops, Sky Atlantic started showing Mad Men from the very beginning. It was practically fate.

60H&M and Topshop both fulfilled my need for a  60’s fashion fix.


The Owls Aren’t What They Seem.

With Vice and Elle magazine both doing Twin Peaks inspired photoshoots and owls appearing everywhere, it seems the fashion world wanted to pay homage to David Lynch and the cult tv hit Twin Peaks. Perhaps a range of women’s wear based on Donna, Shelly and the infamous Audrey Horne are on the way soon…

twin peaksThese outfits are best enjoyed with a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie…

And that concludes my favourite fashion moments of 2012! Here’s to a fun and fashionable new year!


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