Best moments in men’s fashion: 2012 edition

It’s that time of the year guys! The “here are a list of things that were awesome this year” articles have begun and I feel it’s important to add another one to the already vast collection. You’re welcome.

Anyway – less intro, more list making! Here are my favourite moments in men’s fashion from this year.

The Golden Globes.

Not only do the Golden Globes mark the beginning of the awards season, but they also provide us all with lots of inspiration for our January sales purchases. The top of the list this year? Bow ties. Bow ties everywhere.

owtieJoseph Gordon-Levitt, Adam Levine and James Valentine helped kick start the bow tie trend at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Burgundy Suits Become A Thing.

I don’t know precisely when, how, or even why it happened… but aren’t we all so glad it did? Get some burgundy in your wardrobes now gents – you most certainly won’t regret it.burgundyAndrew Garfield, Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zac Efron all provide a convincing argument for the burgundy suit.

Cool Paisley Print Happens.

“No!” I hear you cry. “Surely the print that dominates James May’s terrible, terrible shirts could never be fashionable. Or look good. Ever.” Oh but it can. The photoshoot that got it so very, very right was GQ’s interview with the new ‘Q’ Ben Whishaw.

benpaisleyNot only does Ben Whishaw get to play with the coolest gadgets in the Bond universe, he also knows how to rock the paisley print.

So there we have ’em, what I consider to have been the best moments of a pretty good year for guys clothing. Now let’s try to forget that “meggings” even exist and start the new year on a fashionable note…


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