Backstage at Nightwalk

By Alison Bathgate

Photography by Michael Long

Working at Nightwalk is a great experience! After helping out back in May for the SS12 show I was really excited to be working there again for AW12. Not only is it a great addition to your CV, you also get to meet others with a love for fashion and work with some of the best up and coming  Scottish designers.

Arriving at the Arches at 4pm, there was only four hours until show time! The models had been there since 1pm and the dedicated organisers of the show – led by the fantastic Angie Koorbanally – had planned a well organised and relaxed day for all involved. The dressers (which was my role in the show) were given small clipboards to take a note of the running order and we were introduced to the models we would be dressing for the show.

Photography by Michael Long

Backstage you could feel the excitement building as it got closer to the start of the show. Not only were there a range of fantastic designers showing on the catwalk, but there was also some great creative props too, with an interactive entrance provided by Andy Gerch who created the label Animinimal earlier this year. We were lucky enough to get an interview with him (which will appear in the next issue) and see some of his amazing designs, which involve  different blacked out animals with headphones printed on hoodies and t-shirts.

There was also a quick photocall with ‘The River 68’s’ before the show, where all the models had a few pictures snapped with the band who were debuting their new video at the start of the show. You could tell they were loving the attention from all the beautiful Nightwalk models!

As we all prepared for the show, it was time to make sure that each model had all their outfits organised and were ready to strut their stuff. When the show started the atmosphere was electric, but surprisngly backstage it was quite chilled out, showing just how well organised the event was.

Photography by Michael Long

During the show, there were a few hairy moments when models had quick changes but everything ran smoothly. The show included creative and innovative designs by Brian Chan who had his models blowing glitter onto the audience that they had hidden in their hands. There was also fabulous knitwear from MochMess that would definitely update your winter wardrobe!

Overall, the experience was amazing. Nightwalk gives you a great feel for what the fashion industry is really like and you learn a lot about all the preparation that goes into forming a catwalk show. Nightwalk is an incredible platform for independent designers looking to get their collections seen too. It’s well worth getting involved with for SS13!

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