The Dark Heroine

Not many teenagers can say that they have written a book and had it published. However, Abigail Gibbs, author of The Dark Heroine can say that at 18 years old she has done what most authors’ wait years to do.

What started life on Wattpad when Gibbs was just 15 years old has thrust her straight into the publishing limelight. With over 17 million views it is no wonder Harper Collins jumped on the bandwagon and now Abigail Gibbs is in for one hell of a ride.

It all begins with a night that goes from bad to worse. After being ditched by her lovely friends, Violet Lee finds herself alone in the middle of Trafalgar Square…or so she thought. Little does she know she is about to witness a sight which will lead her onto the path she always meant to take.

Now one can imagine that you may see a few sights in Trafalgar Square at night but Violet witnesses something that may deviate from the norm…a brutal mass killing by a group of vampires which coincidently leads her to being kidnapped and held hostage in their estate.

From the beginning the tension between Violet Lee and Kasper Varn, who is the main ring leader in the vampire gang, can be seen felt. This brooding and charismatic vampire is used to getting everything he wants but he has not met anyone like Violet Lee before.

As the book moves on the story begins to develop into something much deeper, darker and more intriguing. Kasper and Violet relationship begins to change from one of hate and disgust to passion and love which causes more trouble than a girl with a student loan in TOPSHOP.  Almost like Romeo and Juliet, these star crossed lovers are trying to be kept apart but any love struck teenager knows that is easier said than done.

One thing that will captivate audiences in this book is that it will constantly keep you on your toes. With more plot twists than you can shake a stick at, readers will constantly be kept guessing about what happens next and most of the time, you will be wrong. Furthermore, what is also refreshing about this book is that the Heroine can give the vampires a run for their money. With a quick wit and strong head on her shoulders, Violet Lee shows that she is able to stand up for herself when everyone else is putting her down.

Fans of the Twilight series will notice a few similarities’ in this book. The vampires appear to have a lot of the same abilities such as mind reading and being psychic. Therefore, the reader immediately starts to compare the two books whilst reading it and this takes away from the experience of the book. Furthermore, the chapters of the book are split into different narratives. Most are from the view of Violet and a few are from Kasper. However, you can’t help but feel that you would like more chapters to be from the narrative of Kasper as he is quite a guarded character and it would have been nice to be able to delve into his mind a little more.

Despite this readers will not be able to put this book down. Full to the brim with danger, passion and a little comedy Gibbs manages to tell a vampire story a little different from the rest.  Furthermore, Abigail Gibbs does leave open the possibility for a sequel as it is obvious that the Violet and Kasper story is far from over. So move over Twilight, The Dark Heroine has arrived.

Kirsty Conway


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