Tales from the Big Apple…

‘The room full of students, who were sporting their blue Obama t-shirts, were glued to the screen’

Huddled around the TV at the Stony Brook Democrat party for the US presidential election could not have been tenser.

Some people may have thought I have picked an unlucky time to visit America, due to the destruction that Hurricane Sandy caused recently. However I would tell them the exact opposite as I feel extremely lucky to have been here for the presidential election and to witness the hype, controversy, build-up and atmosphere on the run up to last night.

The room full of students, who were sporting their blue Obama t-shirts, were glued to the screen in hope that their president Obama would be re-elected for another four years.

To their and my relief he was, Obama won 303 electoral votes over Republican Mitt Romney’s 206.

Cheers, cries, kisses, hugs, the cardboard cutout of the man Obama himself, beer and pizza went everywhere in celebrations of winning “Four more years” we all shouted!

I am not embarrassed to say that I was a little emotional and almost shed a tear when the results flashed across the screen.

‘”Four more years” we all shouted!’

I have been following the presidential campaign very closely during my time here and have got really interested in how different it is to back in the UK.

The debates, the snidely comments, the protests, everything about it is bigger and flashier – but what do you expect, its America for goodness sake!

For me, Romney’s controversial opinions on illegalizing abortions, cutting spending on important areas and ridiculous comments such as “binders full of women” when talking about requesting female employees in Massachusetts (the state he governs) are just not what I stand for in politics so I was overjoyed with the outcome of the elections.

I think many people would agree with my opinion when I say that Obama is easier to relate to than ‘rich Romney’. I have this trusted feeling in Obama like he knows what he’s talking about – but of course he does as he has been president for the past four years. This is why I think he deserved to carry on his time as he has so much more to do.

The first presidential debate was a real wake up call for Obama. Romney came in with facts, figures and attitude and to tell you the truth Obama was a bit rusty. I think this is how he should look upon his next four years as president. The past four years have been slow, only very small progress has been made under the difficult circumstances and state of the country however Obama now needs to step up with more fighting spirit, like he did in the second debate this year.

He’s won the peoples’ vote, they have has his back and believe he can do it.

Witnessing first hand a US presidential campaign and election has been a brilliant experience as a trainee journalist. The media coverage has been excellent and the atmosphere has been electric. I sure caught some election fever over here in the states…I wish I got this excited about UK politics!

Hayley Parr

‘He’s won the peoples’ vote, they have has his back and believe he can do it’


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