Too Skint To Look and Feel Great?

By Cait Thomson

“I don’t have the money to buy nice stuff,” and “I’m a student, I’m supposed to be constantly skint” are common phrases you’ll hear batted around the university, from Caley Court to the Saltire Centre – but is this always the case? Is it possible that we can look and feel good without breaking the bank and going without lunch for a few weeks?

As students, we probably don’t really live up to the stereotype of unwashed, greasy haired, spotty kids. In fact, we scrub up pretty well, but generally at an expense. Here are some tips and tricks in getting your hands on some nice stuff without having to tap into the student loan.

First off, for guys and girls, Lush might seem like one of those shops you could wander round but never afford to spend a fiver on something that essentially fizzes away into nothing in your bath. However, instead of spending a couple of quid every week or so on a new shampoo, why not invest in one of the £5 solid shampoos from Lush that promise to last up to 3 to 4 weeks. They’ve got one for every hair type under the sun, and even though they’re solid, lather really quickly in the shower leaving your hair clean and smelling great.

Shower gels and scrubs can add up over the month, but smelling good doesn’t have to mean paying a fortune. While you’re doing your weekly shop of picking up pizzas and beer, why not pop into the beauty aisle and have a look at how cheap the shower gels are there? The NSpa range, available at Asda, have huge bottles of really nice shower gels for men and women, in a variety of different scents for a mere £2 each. As well as keeping you smelling fresh, they’ll last for ages and won’t cost a fortune.

Lastly, bear in mind, the January sales aren’t too far off! Save your pennies so that come Boxing Day you can fully take advantage of the sales and stock up on all of your favourites for half the price without having to scrimp and save quite as much for smellies for the rest of the year. Places like Lush and Boots have amazing half price (or more) sales on all of their Christmas goodies so it’s a good idea to get down there quickly once you’ve emerged from your turkey and stuffing food coma.

We don’t have to spend a fortune on looking and feeling good while we’re skint students, so take advantage of the great products that won’t leave us without money for the pub! Happy shopping!


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