Fun isn’t so much fun…

In terms of film, Halloween comedies…well they aren’t any. Yes holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day seem to dominate the box office while Halloween is shunned in the corner.

However, Josh Schwartz (TV’S The OC and Gossip Girl) has decided to make his big screen directorial debut in Fun Size which attempts to give other holiday films a run for their money. However, in this effort they do not really have anything to worry about.

The film stars Victoria Justice, star of Nickelodeons’ Victorious, as the pretty yet awkward teen Wren living in a small town in Cleveland. However, she dreams of something much bigger, like attending NYU which is the same university which her departed father went too.

However, when this unpopular teen and her best friend April (Jane Levy) are invited to the hottest guy in schools Halloween party, this promises to be a night they will never forget. So just when it seems like Wren will go from nerd to the most enviable girl in school, her mum (Chelsea Handler) brings her down to earth with a bang by telling her she has to look after her little brother (Jackson Nicoll) who doesn’t talk.

So with her little brother and her best friend they set out  for a night of family filled fun before returning home at 9pm to sit and wonder what on earth happened to a night so full of promise. However, her little brother just casually wonders off and ends up going along with a heart broken store clerk revenge extravaganza (because that is not creepy at all).

So what is the frantically worried teen (most of the time anyway) to do? Well enlist the help of two fellow nerds Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) and Peng (Osric Chau) who have something she doesn’t…a car. So as they dash all around town looking for her mischievous little brother, we can clearly see that Roosevelt is in love with Wren which means he would do anything for her. Like destroying his mothers’ car by letting it be dry humped by a chicken.

This movie is like Halloween in itself in the fact that it is full of tricks and treats, but mostly tricks. There are moments which leave you feeling like when you have dipped your hand into a bag of Halloween sweets, get all excited and then realise it’s a handful of monkey nuts. In others words, it is anti-climactic. You think that something really fun is about to happen and you wait and wait and wait until you realise the moment has past.

However there are some moments which are genuinely funny and these stop the movie from being completely boring. Also the film does have some impressive names in it creating one of those “look who it is moments” which coincidently is probably a more entertaining way of spending this movie until the end credits roll.

Furthermore, the film appears to be all over the place as sometimes it feels like a kid’s movie and then other times it feels like a pitiful attempt at a raunchy teen movie. There are qualities in the film which suggest that it has the capability of being a bit more dark humoured. There are jokes which almost go there but still stay well back behind the fence of its PG-13 rating. However for now it will remain a slightly inappropriate kids/teen film which will provide a few chuckles but fail to live up to its true potential.

Kirsty Conway


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