Tales from the Big Apple…

‘The workload has definitely jumped up a notch…’


A slower week in the Big Apple

Mid-terms were last week so everything has been pretty slow and uninteresting over here (didn’t think I would ever say that while in New York).

However I am here to work, and work I have been doing. Homework is flooding in, tests are cropping up and extra credit tasks are waiting to be completed once I have caught my breath!

The workload has definitely jumped up a notch with it being third year for me now and also with the added factor of being in a different country.

The classes I have taken are full on – broadcast classes entail going out with cameras and interviewing the public and shooting artistic shots.

Reporting classes consist of going out and interviewing specific sources for the story topic where the final article will be 1200 words – so phoning and travelling to gain the right quotes from the right people takes time.

My other classes in media law, business of journalism and American culture and society are still full on but are what I call ‘desk subjects’ – classes which can be learnt sitting down, inside, often for me with the radio blasting.

So last week I was studying, doing interviews and travelling to visit my story sources – prime experiences for my journalism career, so I cannot complain!

After a stressful week there was a nice treat that opened up at Stony Brook University- a new $33million sports complex. I swear, this gym is like the future. I cannot think of a machine it doesn’t have, it has a huge hall with a balcony running track looking on to the courts. It’s the most fantastic place I have been in and it is now full of students working out and working off the huge canteen portions!

I would like to say I will go everyday to the gym but I will not set the bar that high for myself, however I find it the best way to clear my head after a busy day.

But a journalist never switches off – that’s why I just wrote about the gym!

I am travelling to Boston this Friday for a long weekend – Harvard here I come…

Hayley Parr


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