Uni: A Trick or Treat?


by Keira Murray

For me, uni has been the best thing I have ever done. However, with this issue of Trick or Treat at the back of my mind I can’t help but ponder the question: “Has my nearly now four years at uni been a trick or a treat? Good or Bad?”

I applied for uni with the ambition of becoming a journalist or something pretty similar. I would turn up to classes day after day, week after week with this dream gradually becoming closer. But do these four years of studying harder than I have ever studied before guarantee me my dream job? That’s the trick, well at least one of them. The hard work, constant money worries and not forgetting the early starts especially in those winter months when all you want to do is roll back over into the warmth of your bed, are the main things I thought about before entering my final year. But as the time is approaching bigger questions are entering my mind. Will I get a job? Will I earn enough money to pay for my flat? Will I ever be able to go out again?!

On the other hand, looking back at when I first moved to Glasgow as a young, sweet, innocent seventeen year old on her first journey into the big bad world, the treats most certainly out shine the tricks. The fact that uni life has been great fun with the night life, student activities at Caley as well as gaining that all important life experience which is vital before entering the big scary world of work. Additionally, I will leave uni with great friends, more knowledge and confidence as well as a degree I couldn’t possibly say all of this has been a trick. It is most definitely a treat!


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