Farewell to the Fashion of Gossip Girl

ImageFor five seasons we have enjoyed the inside scoop on the scandalous lives of Gossip Girl’s favourite Upper East Siders, and last night the shows final sixth season began. Glamour drips of the cast of the show with pieces from either Mulberry, Chanel, Lanvin, Moschino, Vera Wang and YSL in almost every episode.

Bright coloured totes, jewelled headbands, plaid shirts and pretty pumps, were constant favorites of Blair Waldorf, whilst Serena van der Woodsen showcased her enviable legs in high Louboutins, high waisted shorts and made all girls jealous of her Barbie like bed head locks. The well put together ‘ladylike but cool’ outfits were masterminded by Eric Daman, who worked with Patricia Field on Sex and the City.

As upsetting as the shows ending is to die-hard fans like myself, it has maybe come at the right time. As well as Serena’s never happy attitude becoming annoying and the Chuck and Blair storyline coming to an end; the dress of the rich characters is impossible to keep up with and doesn’t really ‘roll with the times’. A look of ‘messy chic’ may work better with the current financial climate than, ‘perfect and rich look that Blair and the gang always wear.

Filming spoilers have ensured fans know some of what to expect in the upcoming sixth season. The disturbing kiss between Charlie/Ivy and Rufus, will get fans ready for the dramatic twists that we know are coming in the short 10 episode season.

If not a fashion enthusiast, or a lover of silly unrealistic storylines, it is worth watching anyway, for the inside tour of Manhattans hippest and newest restaurants, bars and clothing stores. 



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