A Million Lights for Cheryl Cole


The only Girls Aloud star to have a successful solo career, Cheryl Cole, lit up Glasgow’s SECC on Monday night with her stunning looks, sexy outfits and catchy chart-topping singles. The mix of super pop, dance, ballads and dubstep was perfect for the excited crowd, who were on their feet the whole night.

The Geordie beauty could almost be forgiven for miming a lot because her up tempo dance moves are that good, they would probably be better than the sound of her singing everything live anyway. She has spoken several times about her love for dancing, saying in her new book Cheryl that it was her first love. She recalls her ‘mam’ would take her to different competitions across England to compete in, and she nearly always won. She tells the funny story too, of when she got into the Royal Ballet Summer School in London and wanted to go home on the first night because all the other ‘London’ girls seemed so posh. A Girls Aloud megamix, Under the Sun and the oncore of Fight for this Love were the best tunes of the night, but luckily they were spread out across the 90 minute show, which kept the audience anticipating the next big number. A walk through the middle of the arena to a stage in the centre was a nice personal touch, and made the ballads of A Million Lights and Last One Standing more exciting as the audience could see her up close, sweat and all. As she went on to sing Three Words, she introduced her mentor Will.I.Am who appeared on the stage. A slightly cringey moment occurred when the two sang to each other, through a screen, but it could be forgiven as soon as you remembered how adorable the singer can be when she is perceived as  vulnerable.

Chezza’s cute yet tough persona, and down to earth nature is probably why people took to her on The X Factor and probably why she has so many fans to this day. And it was clear to fans on Monday night’s show just how grateful she was to be on a solo tour, and how much she loves performing. She came across as genuine and happy as she thanked the Glasgow crowd for their support, and how ‘it had taken her a long time but she was so excited she was to finally be here’.


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