Tales from the Big Apple…

Hello again from the big apple! Since my last post I’ve been getting my head down at university. Midterm exams are coming up this week and many assignments so it has been a busy week studying and working!

I have been in Downtown Brooklyn most Fridays spending the day getting to know the area. And yes, it is as cool as it sounds. I visited Brooklyn from the first time at the start of the semester and fell in love with the area.

You would think walking around the most populous borough in New York could put the fear of life in a country gal like myself, but do you know what I fear the most – not living in this amazing place when I’m older. But of course I am walking around the area home to the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Nora Jones – in fact I walked past their townhouses a couple of weeks ago!

“I visited Brooklyn from the first time at the start of the semester and fell in love with the area”

Brooklyn is very up and coming and is growing culturally and artistically. It is home to one of the best performing arts school in the world– BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Not to forget it is the birth place to many celebrities such as Jay-Z, Barbra Streisand, Adam Sandler even the character of Bugs Bunny was born in Brooklyn!

I view Brooklyn as a mix of Europe and America, it has little independent boutiques and cafes alike Europe but the fast and energetic atmosphere of America (Europe can be too laid back sometimes!). I walk in downtown Brooklyn in awe of its architecture, which is similar to Glasgow – a blend of old and new.

I enjoy walking across the famous Brooklyn Bridge which links the borough of Brooklyn to Manhattan. Runners, cyclists, tourists, cars, taxis, buses, you name it ride the big B – my nickname for it! It rises over blue waters and offers the most perfect view of the lady in green – The Statue of Liberty.

Brooklyn is far from the busy streets of Manhattan yet has more than enough to never be stuck what to do. I plan to visit shows at the BAM, to watch artists and basketball at the new Barclays stadium and to stroll around the famous Brooklyn flea markets.

I plan to spend every Friday in Brooklyn and go from there branching out to different areas in the borough itself and also Manhattan – there is plenty more to see, so it keeps me busy hopping on and off all sorts of transport!

I took the subway to SoHo last week which is an area for people on top incomes and where the rich and famous like to shop. I spent around three hours in this section of lower Manhattan and managed to keep my purse strings tight – thank goodness because if it caught me on a money spending day I would have run out!

Spending time in areas around New York makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive. When I found myself on Times Square this Saturday night alone, I felt a rush of overwhelming emotions.

I can already say that living here has been the best experience of my life, and there is so much more to come. I am half way through my semester here at Stony Brook but I have much more ahead of me.

Hayley Parr

“I can already say that living here has been the best experience of my life”


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