A Future That Works For Students

Words: Jessica Brown

A protest against the coalition’s austerity measures and cuts is being held in Glasgow on 20 October.

The Scottish Trade Union Congress is urging students to take part in the march and understand the importance of the government’s measures on their future.

David Moxham, leader of the ‘There Is A Better Way’ campaign and deputy general secretary of the STUC, said; “The economy won’t grow; the income of everybody in the UK is affected.

“The impact of the austerity measures on jobs means that the outlook will be particularly bleak for people leaving further education in the years to come.”

George Square was confirmed as the starting point for the protest assembly, after many negotiations with Glasgow City Council who opposed the idea.

David Moxham added; “We had to fight very hard to win the right to protest in George Square.  This is important for democracy in Glasgow and Scotland but also particularly for students who have traditionally used it as a place for protest going back to the 1970s and running right up until today.”

The protest has already proved controversial – oppositions from the GCC and coalition supporters, Michael Kelly labelling it ‘dreary’ in last month’s Scotsman – so protestors’ safety may be a cause for concern for some; however Moxham assures that “we’re confident that it will be a peaceful and family-friendly event.”

Amongst several speakers and musical performances, the National Union of Students President Robin Parker is expected to speak specifically to students at the protest.

The demonstration begins at George Square at 11am followed by the march through Glasgow Green.


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