Blouse – New Music

By Megan Casci

Since returning home to Scotland after living in London over summer, I am still significantly lacking in

the job front, and as a result of this and my aversion to university work (which hasn’t subsided
despite a looming dissertation deadline) I’ve taken to mindlessly trawling through my Facebook
News Feed (slash getting emotional over poignant Piers Morgan interviews with Cheryl Cole on
YouTube) until about 4am – which is usually around the time I begin to question my sanity and drag
myself to bed.
My routine was altered slightly on Sunday night however, as I fell in to a hangover depression so
deep that I couldn’t face any form of social media interaction, so I instead chose to Google Image
pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio post a Blood Diamond/Shutter Island marathon. Amid this nocturnal
activity I had time to check out my friend’s recommendation of a song called ‘Into Black’ by a band
named Blouse. I have become shamelessly addicted to it since then, playing it around 27 times per
day, on average.
I like to think that the female fronted band from Portland suggest what Warpaint (an all female ‘artrock’
band from L.A.) would have sounded like had they been around in the ’80s. The sound, which
bears some resemblance to that of The Cure, is hauntingly captivating, and when combined with the
video, which appears to be the love child of Swan Lake and The Nightmare before Christmas, is
absolutely entrancing.
Having scanned YouTube for all of the band’s hits subsequent to my discovery, another of my
recommendations is ‘Controller’, again appearing to be heavily influenced by the sound of the ‘80s
with the prominent synth and staple haunting vocals.
The band’s debut and self-titled album was released last year, and you can investigate further here:


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