Winter Warmers

By Megan Casci

I have officially resigned myself to winter. Prematurely perhaps, but being a person continuously on the verge of freezing, even throughout the ‘summer’ months, I can no longer force a brave smile when venturing out in what feels like the depths of the night (at 7am) in nothing more than my much loved, but certainly not weather resistant, Levi’s denim jacket.

So last week, as if further tempting the sleet and rain that seems to be skulking around the corner, I bought what can only be described as my perfect coat. Courtesy of M&S (mark my surprise), this mid-length, black/green, wax effect, tartan lined and fur hooded beauty has immediately become a staple of my wardrobe, and already I have started compiling a wish list of winter goodies to build some seriously scrumptious outfits with. Now to prepare my shorts and summer dresses for eBay…

1. Checked high waisted trousers, River Island, £20
2. Grey marl jumper, Doc Martens, £100
3. Sideways cross necklace, Urban Outfitters, £10
4. ‘Inhibition’ Lipstick, Topshop, £8
5. Black Chelsea boots, Topshop, £62


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