Scottish Universities have fallen behind

Four of Scotland’s universities have fallen dramatically in the annual listings of the world’s top education institutions.

With Edinburgh being the only university that has managed to improve its standing in the Times Higher World University Rankings, educational specialists are becoming concerned for the other four institutions.

With the University of Glasgow dropping down 37 places and Dundee being knocked out the top 200 institutions all together, this shows striking downfall.

Alasdair Sim, director at Universities of Scotland said: “Scotland’s universities are competing in a brutally competitive global marketplace.

“It will take the continued commitment of energy, initiative and investment if we want to compete with the increasingly powerful top Asia-Pacific universities and the best of Europe and America.”

Universities are ranked on the basis of their teaching, research and international outlook.

It has been said that some Scottish universities put more effort into keeping their students fully satisfied than others.

Brian Pillans, law lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University and honoury secretary of Scotland’s University and College Union said: “I think one of the main reasons for this downfall is due to staff being under so much pressure to get good reviews from their students.

“There is definitely evidence of behind the scenes manipulation as every principle wants their institution to be at the top of the table.  We get emails asking us to remind students in lectures to review the university all the time.

He believes more established universities do not put as much effort into student reviewing and keeping their students satisfied.

He said: “I know that if I was to give advice to my children on what university course to pick, I wouldn’t refer to the league tables.”

Despite the UK placing as second best in the overall rankings, the editor of the data warned there is a good chance of Asian rivalries eventually taking over.


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