Film Review: The Campaign

With the Obama-Romney presidential campaign ringing in everyone’s ears, The Campaign is a parody of the parody that is already American politics.

Ferrell plays a sexist, loathsome Congressional candidate Cam Brady, whose seat is in danger for the first time in years after drunkenly left a sexually explicit message on a Christian family’s answering machine because he thought he was phoning his mistress. His opponent Marty Huggins, played by Zach Galifianakis, is a none-too-bright family man, who is put up to the job by Motch (not Koch) brothers, two billionaires who use both candidates as puppets.

Written by Jay Roach, you would expect an amount of political satire, however, it’s not exactly sharp or sophisticated. He obviously used his experience of making Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me rather than his Emmy Award winning TV film about 2008 presidential election, Game Change.

The film definitely has its laugh out loud moments and does throw some political issues The White House’s way, but overall lack of subtleness and overwhelming amount of vulgar jokes are the order of the day to tear the political process apart.


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