New T-shirt company ‘Get Dreaming’ takes Glasgow by storm

By Alison Bathgate

Models: Nicola Byrne, Rachel Byrne

Fantastic new t-shirt company ‘Get Dreaming’ are taking Glasgow by storm with their edgy, unique designs. Amy Moore (18) and Meg Allan (21) started the company in February this year and it has since gone from strength to strength. Not only do they do custom made t-shirts for customers but they also make bags and socks as well! Here we join them on their debut AW12 shoot and talk about how they got started and why everyone in Glasgow should be rocking a ‘Get Dreaming’ tee!

How and why did you start ‘Get Dreaming?’

Meg: I studied fashion at college and when I didn’t get into university I decided to try something different to continue doing what I love. I’ve always made t-shirts and wanted to start a small company but didn’t know how to go about it. We love that the t-shirts are unique and custom made.

Amy: I got in touch with Meg and we collaborated our different talents and started ‘Get Dreaming.’ I do the business side such as running the facebook page, twitter and website as well as dealing with customer requests and planning where we will showcase our designs! We make the t-shirts in Meg’s kitchen. They are personal and a lot of love, effort and time goes into them. The t-shirts are limited which is why they are so unique. Not many people will have the same design as you!

What is the key concept for your Autumn winter collection?

Meg: We were inspired by tarot cards, spiritual aspects and dream catchers. We also incorporated our signature personalized tye dye t-shirts.

Models: Rachel Byrne, Nicola Byrne

How is the shoot going today?

Amy:  We wanted to use a young, fun location so we are shooting at Kelvingrove skate park. The shoot has been amazing and we have two amazing models who look great in all our designs. We had the pleasure of working with photographer Magan Lambert and make-up artist Sacha Currie and they have been amazing!

What are your favourite pieces that you have made?

Amy: I love the studded armour t-shirt – it’s my all-time favourite.

Meg: My favourite t-shirt is the ‘peace out bro’ design which you can see on our website.

Where can readers buy and see your t-shirts?

Meg: They can have a look on our facebook page for a look at our AW12 shoot as well as previous customers wearing our t-shirts!

Amy: They can buy from our website which is and can come and see our t-shirts at one of the many fares that we showcase our designs at. Information for these is provided on the facebook and twitter pages!

What are your plans for the future?

Meg: We want to continue making our t-shirts and possibly expanding into making them for boys too! We already do custom t-shirts at some male customer’s requests. And getting a small studio at some point would be amazing too.

Amy: We want to continue showcasing at local fares. We just recently appeared at the ‘Granny would be proud’ fare at Edinburgh freshers on the 23rd September. We also want to start showcasing at fashion shows and would love to do some more photo shoots in different locations to compliment our wide range of edgy, fashionable designs.


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