Would you try online dating?

ImageOne of my besties is single, and would like to be in a relationship. She is absolutely gorgeous, very funny, and thoughtful and caring. Overall, she would make an excellent girlfriend I think -lets put it this way, if I was a boy, I’d go out with her.

She is only 22, however after hearing a few success stories involving online dating, she has decided to give it a go. I prefer to call it online mingling, because that’s really what it is. You don’t have to ‘date’ the people, but you certainly have to mingle and chat to them.

The success stories she has heard have been about girls we know, who are great, who you would never expect to be on a dating website, who have found decent boyfriends through online dating. After spending all summer working for a professional matchmaker, who herself admitted, she would try online dating if she was single, I have developed faith in the concept too. So I was all for my friend joining! And if nothing else, it’s funny looking at all the men and seeing who the ‘plenty of fish’ in the sea are.

‘Plenty of Fish’ was her website of choice, as it is free. After a few discussions, we decided that the free one would be the one with the most young, like-minded (eg normal people) would be on.

So, she joined and within the first hour of her having a profile, she had like 50 messages, of boys telling her she was gorgeous and that they wanted to chat to her. She blocked anyone who didn’t show a profile pic (creepy), anyone who used weird language (eg ‘hey sexy pants or hey sugartits’), and anyone who used a stupid chat up line (eg ‘are you a model?’ or ‘i have never seen anyone so beautiful’). Lets face it, online dating is weird enough, if you can’t even send a normal, witty email, you don’t deserve a date.

The website itself is a great time-killer and very funny. I went on her profile to look at people with her, and with the click of a button, you can send a ‘flirt’, or a rose to someone you like the look of. I’m thinking because this website is free and there is so many young people on it, it is probably used as a source of amusement and to meet people to go out with, but not get serious with. Maybe the people who are willing to pay to mingle online with match.com and jdate.com are the really serious daters, who are very serious about meeting someone and settling down. I found it funny to send roses to the totally weird looking people on her profile, so that later, when I wasn’t there, they would message her a witty comment.

She has been on one date so far, and it seems the guy is very keen and pretty much wants her to be his girlfriend already. This is a bit full-on if you ask me…but we’ll see who else she meets or if her first attempt at online mingling will turn into something!

Would you use online dating? Would you use the free website or the more sophisticated ones that charge you? xoxo


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