Social Media Week; Barcelona, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Glasgow Caledonian University!

For those not in the social media know…Social Media Week is a global event which, this year, takes place throughout 13 different countries (including Glasgow!) commencing on the 24th of September.

The week aims to discover the economic, social and cultural benefits that social media can bring with it. Organisers encourage collaboration through their various events, in the hope that the connections they facilitate will be the birth of new ideas.

Although one of the smaller cities taking part, Glasgow is definitely not lacking in choice of events throughout next week and as if it could not get any closer to your door step…Glasgow Caledonian University is one of the hosts for the week!

Here are  a few of the events I am most looking forward to:

  • Monday 24th;Virtual Treasure Hunt – I am sure it would not be as good as ours…but participants must find the virtual clues using only phones and tablets. It is also a chance to network with other media week goers and there are some nice online prizes to be won too!
  • Tuesday 25th; Social Media for beginners meetup – I may be young and should admittedly be completely in the know on social media, but to be honest, it does all still scare me just a little. It seems just as I get to know one form another is invented! So a chance to explore all aspects of social media and learn how they can personally benefit you, sounds good to me!
  • Thursday 27th; A Second Life in Education –  Find our how our university is at the forefront of using online media!

Events are all free, so whether you are just interested in social media, looking to overcome a fear of it or want to make some connections in the virtual world, go along!

Log on to to sign up to events!

The Edit will be attending as many as possible so look out for blogs on it next week (and please feel free to write one for us if you have attended!).



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