The Edit goes global!

Third year journalism student Hayley Parr, is lucky enough to be studying for a trimester at Stony Brook University in New York and she has agreed to share her adventures with us by doing regular blogs!

This is not to make you all terribly jealous but instead to give those of you interested in doing an exchange, some insight into what it is really like!

Going on an exchange, especially one to a country out of Europe, is a very scary adventure to embrace, as you have to go back to the basics; making all new friends, learning another language, eating new food, studying in new ways and obviously all with the pain of missing home.

However scary it seems though, the benefits you can reap from studying in another country for a trimester are endless. By being thrown in the deep end you will undoubtedly gain confidence and independence. You will many learn new skills – everything from a language to cooking skills (if you have previously lived at home!). You will meet new friends and contacts from all over the world. Plus an exchange can also benefit the quality of your degree and looks brilliant on your CV!

Over the next couple of months, we will see through Hayley’s eyes the benefits and hardships from going on an exchange and hopefully it will encourage more of you to take up the opportunity!

Been on a study exchange with the university? We would love to hear your stories too! Email

GCU has partnerships with a vast number of universities in countries all over the world!

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