I really love my: statement jewellery

Just going through life, declaring my love for items of clothing. 

Leaf necklace from New Look. Swallow ring from Therapy.

Fashion wise I am a lover of all things classic – when it comes to clothes white shirts, a good pair of jeans and black heels are my go to items. The same can usually be said about my choice in accessories too, with my favourite jewellery being a set of pearl earrings and necklace I received for my birthday.

Aside from this, I do love my slightly more “out there” pieces when it comes to accessorising. You can be wearing jeans and a t-shirt but add an interesting piece of jewellery and you’ve changed the style from classic to a little more fun.

A glamorous ring can capture someones attention and a cute necklace can be a conversation starter – a necklace I bought at a  Marina & the Diamonds gig in the shape of a broken heart has lead to a lot of inquiries as to where I bought it, which then leads to (an often very long) chat about music…

The right jewellery can be a great (and cheap!) way to update your wardrobe and can turn your usual ensemble into something a little more interesting.

Motel Rocks do a great selection of fun accessories with the cupid’s arrow wrap ring and the peace sign earrings being my personal favourites – and thanks to GCU student Eilidh Ross you can get a 20% discount on your order using the code “eillidh”!

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