Summer’s a washout – let’s get excited for autumn!

To say the British summer has been disappointing would be an understatement. Weeks of constant rain has left us wondering what happened to that week of sunshine back in April, and whether or not we somehow imagined it all.

But do not fret! For the most exciting time of the year is almost here! That’s right – it’s nearly autumn. And my fashion heart is bursting with joy at the thought of it all.

 DSquared² A/W 2012 collection

Bring on the falling leaves and I’m in my element.  The September issue of magazines are always packed with new season clothes, hair and makeup, and the chance to try something new fashion wise arrives at the same time you start a new semester… perfect timing!

However this year I am more excited than usual for the new autumn collections. For this year most designers have gone for the sixties look.

Topshop kicked it all off when they sent out their email declaring that styling from the 60’s was their inspiration for their Factory Girl collection –  and most retailers have followed suit. Most notably  H&M has hired Lana Del Ray to be the face of their sixties-tastic collection.

Guys are feeling the 1960’s love too – many of the suits and jackets making their way down the catwalk for A/W 2012 appeared to have paid homage to old school, classic Bond. Well-dressed and well-groomed is key to this look for the gents.

I am a huge, huge, huge fan of the 60’s look – I love classic styles and pretty much everything about that decade is utterly timeless. Let’s just say this autumn is looking to be my personal equivalent of Christmas.

So I say forget about summer. Forget about the sun. Forget about bikini’s and shorts and the like. Get excited for autumn. Embrace your inner Edie Sedgwick/ Brigitte Bardot ladies. Men, embrace your inner Sean Connery era  James Bond or (for a more modern equivalent) Don Draper. Autumn is nearly here, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

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