EIFF 2012 – Day of the Flowers

Day of the Flowers from the off looks like a mildly morbid family based comedy. It soon broadens into something deeper.

It follows Glaswegian sisters Rosa (Eva Birthistle) and Ailie (Charity Wakefield) as they kidnap the ashes of their recently deceased father with the intention of scattering them in Cuba. Where Eva takes what she believes his last wishes would be into her own hands, planning to scatter them from the bridge where he first met their mother – Ailie tags along primarily for the holiday.

Rosa and Ailie are incredibly different and their sibling bickering is the highlight of the beginning of the film.

When the ashes are confiscated by local police Rosa is faced with the choice between two men willing to help her. The first is the slimily charming Ernesto who doesn’t seem particularly phased by following the law and the second is Tomas (ballet star Carlos Acosta) who genuinely wants to help but will only stay within what is decent to do so.

At heart Day of the Flowers is about the family bond, and as it turns out their family and Cuba itself aren’t as straight forward as they may originally seem.

A pretty film, helped along no end by Cuba itself. Fairly predictable, but with its heart firmly in the right place.

Director: John Roberts

Cast: Eva Birthistle, Carlos Acosta, Charity Wakefield, Christoper Simpson, Bryan Dick, Manuel de Blas

Runtime: 100 min

Language: English and Spanish dialogue with English subtitles

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