Unfair World – EIFF 2012

Sotiris is an alcoholic, a policeman, an accidental murderer and almost entirely alone in the world. Unusually for a police investigator his default setting is to believe the suspected criminals he comes across daily are innocent. Even more so after he shoots an underhand paid informer and loses the bribe money.

Sotiris suspects cleaning lady Dora of finding it, and in trying to gather the truth from her. These two lonely people slowly get to know one another enough to form what might be the beginning of a relationship. Suspicion however is ever present as despite seeing the good in people Sotiris has to will away the feeling that Dora is lying to him as he gradually sees her as less of a source of information or potential threat and more as a potential partner.

Unfair World is surprisingly quiet. Often the dialogue is minimal, enough is said through facial expression and a sometimes limited dialogue to get the message across, often better than when the characters sit down and explain it all to each other. In Unfair World their relationships are spelled out most clearly when they are silent.

Additionally the camera does little moving, leaving the characters to seemingly roam around inside the shot. Although not all of the film looks so un-choreographed. There is one particular scene where the cleaning ladies are walking around with their mops and buckets in a toilet block walking in perfect sync through each other to get to their allocated stall.

The story itself runs a little slow and I found the characters a little hard to warm to. There is nothing flash about the story, its characters or the way it is told. But there is an honesty in that which keeps you watching to the end just to see where these people end up.

Director: Fillippos Tsitos

Cast: Andonis Kafetzopoulos, Theodora Tzimou, Christos Stergioglou

Runtime: 107 min

Language: Greek dialogue with English subtitles

Screening: Saturday 30 June Fountain Park Cineworld@ 16:00


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