Live review: Marina & the Diamonds

Marina & the Diamonds, 02 ABC Glasgow, 20th June 2012

Floating to the stage in a pink shift dress, wedding veil cascading down her back, Marina took to the microphone and said five little words that would stir the crowd into a frenzy: “Every boyfriend is the one…”

And thus Marina Diamandis kicked off the fiercely fun, prop filled, pop spectacular that is the Lonely Hearts Club tour.

It’s clear that no expense was too much for this tour – a glorious pink neon Electra Heart sign, pink fluffy carpet on stage and a wonderfully glamorous purple velvet couch were just some of the features of the night.  But don’t be fooled; unlike other pop artists who use props and flashing lights to distract from their lack of talent, Marina and the Diamonds uses this as a way to continue the Electra Heart album imagery. There is no doubt that this is a woman who can sing her heart out.

Which makes it all the more remarkable when you realise that the tour was postponed for six weeks due to Diamandis damaging her voice – so much so she was told by doctors to delay the tour or risk serious damage her vocal chords. At the end of the night she seemed to tone it down a little, however this was the only inclination that her voice had been under strain in any way whatsoever.

The night was made up of mostly Electra Heart tracks – “Homewrecker” kicked off the night, and a beautiful rendition of “Lies” (I must admit there was a lump in my throat and a few hairs standing on the back of my neck…) came early on. A few songs from her debut album The Family Jewels were sprinkled throughout the set list too, including “Oh No!” and “Obsessions” which saw Diamandis take to the keyboard and reminisce about the first time she played Glasgow.

Overall it was a wonderfully fun performance that not only demonstrated what a talent Diamandis really is, but also got the crowd going and having a good time. But when you have a discography filled with great pop songs such as “Bubblegum Bitch” and “Hollywood”, it’s kind of hard for anyone not to sing and dance along.


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