I really love my: blazer

Just going through life, declaring my love for items of clothing.

This time round: my blazer

Same as my converse, my love for blazers extends to guys too. Unfortunately I don’t think many men can pull off the body con skirt, but you never know…

Anyway, back to the blazer. I own several, all in different colours, and each have done me so well when it comes to deciding what to wear – from covering up slightly sunburnt arms on nights out to adding a certain level of chic to basic outfits, the blazer is an item of clothing I could not do without.

The thing is, most wardrobes should have a blazer in them! Whether you are male of female, a blazer looks great on most people. Especially if you are male. Evidence here, here and here proves this point.

A blazer, a shirt and a pair of jeans and you are good to go guys. It is a very attractive, smart/casual look that most ladies are very fond of. Trust me on this.

But a blazer really can be your best friend. Get a black one and you can wear it to interviews as well as wearing it over dresses (a la Annie from Bridesmaids). So yes, it is an investment piece. And one you can pick up quite cheap too (hooray!).

For both gents and ladies I recommend a trip to Uniqlo to find the perfect blazer.

So here’s to you dear blazer. Thanks for making me look more smart/classy than I really am.


2 thoughts on “I really love my: blazer

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