I really love my: bodycon skirt.

Just going through life, declaring my love for items of clothing.

Today’s selection – my black bodycon skirt.

Oh bodycon skirt, you have been so kind to me. You are always there for me in times of fashion need. You’ve been there for me when I’ve ate way too much Wagamama’s, produced a slight food baby, and needed something with an elastic waist to chuck a t-shirt over whilst still looking half decent. You’ve been there for me when dresses have been a little too large on the bottom half and need slimmed down – or just when I want to change how the dress looks. You’ve even been there for me in the form of a strapless top.

You are the comfort blanket of the fashion world. You can be dressed up or down, be made to look smart or casual, and you are damn comfortable too. Yet the best part about you? You are only £3.99 at H&M and available in about 20 different colours. The body con skirt is pretty much the best value wardrobe staple you are ever going to find.


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