I really love my: Converse All Stars

Hey everyone. This is my first blog  post on here – I’m Shelley and I’m the new fashion editor for The Edit.

Just wanted to kick things off with a little declaration of love for some of the clothes I currently have in my wardrobe – because unrequited love for items of clothing s is seriously underrated.

First up – my Converse.

I love my Converse All Stars. What I love about them most is the fact that, as a shoe, they are usually the ones that have a lot of memories attached to them. Take my (what used to be white) one’s above – these shoes have great stories surrounding them. I bought them in an outlet store in Las Vegas and the first place I wore them was The Grand Canyon. And the second time I wore them was at a Foo Fighters gig, which was pretty damn awesome.

Converse really are the go to gig shoe. They’re comfy and they look great with jeans – perfect for singing, dancing, and having beer spilled on them. Because Converse are nowadays associated with gigs, you can add them to any outfit to add a little rock and roll to it. Wearing a blazer and jeans? Add Converse and you may as well have just seen The Shins live. Want to make a dress look a little more casual (and a little more Lily Allen a la 2006)? Add a pair of Converse.

Converse  All Stars are timeless shoes – they’re never going to go out of style and they look great with pretty much everything. And what’s even better is that they are affordable classics. You can spend hundreds of pounds on a little black dress or a trench coat that will last you for years – but Converse will last you long too, and only cost £40. Compare that to Mulberry’s new trainer which will set you back between £225 to £450 and you’ve got yourself the best £40 you will ever spend. Plus   it’s cool to have them a little worn out looking (which is great for someone like me who trashes shoes).

So this is an ode to my various pairs of Converse – you’ve been with me during some pretty amazing times in my life, and you look pretty bad ass too.


One thought on “I really love my: Converse All Stars

  1. Totally agree with this, the one permanent feature in my wardrobe (apart from gym gear) is my high-top all-stars and they are always the first item out when going to a gig…… actually feel a bit guilty that I washed them the first time in 4 years a few months ago….

    1 x tip (courtesy of Jodie Kidd) never wash them in the washing machine, put them in a dishwasher upside down, doesn’t trash them that way…..

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