My Experience as the Arts and Culture Editor!

I am copying the PR Manager a little here…but just in case anyone was undecided as to whether or not they should put themselves forward for the Arts and Culture position – I thought I would fill you all in on why I would highly recommend it!

Being a section editor allows you to write about your passions but at the same time you have that little bit extra responsibility of encouraging other like-minded people to do the same. As head of Arts and Culture you are able to make some great contacts in the industry, for example, the links I have managed to make with The Tron theatre this year (which means free theatre tickets for reviews!). You also never have to worry about finding contributors for the section as it encompasses such a vast range of topics and art forms that it has proven a very popular section with the students!

Building up to an issue, I may receive various press releases from museums/art galleries/theatres/artists and so on, this may include simply a blurb or could include tickets to an event. I then approach the Arts and Culture contributors and ask who may like to do a review, there is usually a student that writes back in seconds agreeing to help! I also like to keep on top of the latest going happenings in Glasgow and in the university itself (there is always so much to write about it is hard to fit it all into one issue!). Once it has hit the deadline, I then contact the photographers who provide great shots to go with the articles, a little editing is done and the section is then sent onto the Editor!

It is not as time consuming as one may think although I would say you have to have a keen interest in writing and in the arts!

Being the Arts and Culture Editor has been a great experience which has allowed me to explore my passions even further and in doing so I have learnt a great deal more about the art world! It has also introduced me to contacts which will hopefully help me with my career in the long run. Being part of The Edit team is great fun and everyone gets on so well!

If you feel a little unsure about whether you are right for the position then don’t worry I felt exactly the same this time last year but if you are enthusiastic and willing to work hard, then I feel The Edit has not yet reached its full potential and you could be the one to help it do this!

Allowing the students to have a voice is so important and it is great to come away from university being able to say that you had some part in promoting this voice!


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