Time to Take Action

After having a nose dive first semester filled with homesick nights and running back to my family every weekend, I decided that this semester had to be different. I had to take action.

I realised that my loneliness disappeared on days that I spent with other people, doing something new or just keeping busy. So I spent my Christmas break planning three months of adventures. Countless hours were spent discovering upcoming events in Glasgow and noting them down in an online calendar.

I made myself a set of rules: I would stop moping about my far away boyfriend and I would accept that my friends in Glasgow are my new family who I need to spend time with to feel loved. I would no longer tire myself out at the gym for fear of being fat and I would learn to “take life by the balls” more.

So by combining these rules with my new calendar, it’s safe to say that I have had an amazing first week back. Every day I would find myself thinking “It’s a great day to be alive”. On Tuesday I fell in love with a new band, Skippy Dyes, at the Caley acoustic night and I began taking photographs for my new blog. On Thursday I got my nose pierced on the spur of the moment after dreaming about it for years. That evening I took the subway for the first time to the West End to see a Canadian singer play in Tchai & Una. It was a tiny vegetarian place where people were smoking shisha’s and playing cards. On Friday I did nothing and felt miserable because of it. Then on Saturday I told myself that I wasn’t going to waste another day so I phoned a friend and invited her to dinner. Let’s just say that dinner turned into two cocktails, a vodka bar, a crazy flat party and many new friends on Facebook the next day.

This week I’m going to start yoga at the Arc, tango dance at a tapas night, blog about a vintage market and see Panic! At The Disco in concert. Although I do still miss everyone from home, I feel that this time around I’m actually excited to be in Glasgow. More than that- I’m excited to live my life. So if you have been feeling homesick then do something about it; get out of your room and take action!

Jill Stevens


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