My experience at the Edit

Hello all, My name is Aishling I’m the PR manager for the magazine. Thought I would write a post to share with you all my experience at the magazine. Elections are very soon and I hope to see lots of people coming along to put themselves up for a position. Here is a little account of my experience at the magazine, and the reasoning behind why you should come join the Edit team.

For my first year at the magazine I was the fashion editor. I was very Anna Wintour esque. I rarely let people talk to me, I always wore sunglasses and NO ONE was allowed in the SA lift with me. None of that sentence was true. BUT being the fashion editor what I did do was edit all the articles that came my way from all the  fashion journalists.I also organised photo shoots, picked themes for these shoots, blagged free make-up for the models and generally used my position as a creative platform. I would honestly encourage anyone who has an interest in fashion, journalism or anything to do with magazines to go for this position. You can gain so much experience and meet some very lovely people along the way. For my second year I decided to take the role of PR manager as I wanted people to know just how fantastic the magazine is! This role involved advertising the magazine through  social media, organising stalls, halls runs and generally promoting the magazine anyway I could. Both my roles in the magazine have made me realise just how lucky  I am to be a part of it all and on top of  that I have made excellent friends, gained a lot of experience and made plenty of useful contacts.

SO I hope to see to see plenty of new faces at the election and with your help I hope we can make this the best year yet (We also meet up sometimes and drink alcohol- jus sayin).


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