Glasgow Film Festival

Credit: David Barras

Credit: David Barras

With the Glasgow Film Festival just around the corner, The  Edit’s film reporter, Caroline Armour, has written a feature for the next issue of the magazine about what this years GFF promises to bring and which films to look out for! However in the mean time here is one film I cant wait to see…

Electric Man is a low budget Scottish production with its own twist on the latest comic book film craze.

The main characters Jazz and Wolf run a comic book shop but with threats from their landlord about rent, their situation is looking bleak. This is until the first ever issue of ‘Electric Man’ mysteriously  appears in the shop.

Worth £100,000 it is safe to say that there a few dangerous characters that will go to any length to get it off Jazz and  Wolf’s hands and this, paired with the return of Wolf’s girlfriend, means this film sounds like the perfect  combination of chase and romantic comedy!

Electric Man is making its UK premier on the 23rd of Febuary and tickets are available on the Glasgow Film Festival website.


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