Glasgow designer takes inspiration from the dark side

Terrifying Tee's

By Victoria Irvine

WHILE many of us will be mulling over last minute costume ideas; for one designer, every day is Halloween.

Elaine Blakely – or Lainey as she’s known – is the creative mastermind behind Bite Mark Clothing: a unique clothing brand that oozes all things gore.

Currently in its fourth season, Bite Mark Clothing has already went viral, with satisfied customers splattered all over the world.

The reason for loving the brand: Lainey’s unrivalled personal touches.

“Every item is limited edition and comes numbered so no one else has that particular t-shirt,” she explains.  “I also include thank you notes in the form of morgue tags and even make up horror candy bags . To me, it’s about the experience customers get from ordering from Bite Mark Clothing and those extra touches let them know I really value their business.”

Specialising in printing top-quality tees inspired by B-movies from the early 50s, Lainey painstakingly prints, presses and produces every single piece.

Being an avid horror fan since a young age, the talented designer’s wardrobe was overflowing with bland, boring tshirts.

“I had been working a bar job in 2007 and wanted to do something more creative and fun with my    life so I started up Bite Mark Clothing,” Lainey says.  “It’s now grown into something I never knew it could! I’ve been over to the USA to sell at a horror convention and now have customers all over the world.”

Season three of the brand was hugely popular.  Aptly titled ‘Everyone Is Dying to Tell A Story’, each product came with custom coroner reports and wrapped in its own evidence bag.

With established brands out there, such as Kreepsville and Lucky 13, already selling horror-themed merch, what exactly sets Bite Mark Clothing apart?

“There are so many other clothing lines popping up everywhere and I do this because I love running it.  I was always a huge fan of Halloween when I was a kid and I think that sense of macbre fun has always stayed with me. It only takes an extra step to apply a personal touch and it astounds me that more clothing lines don’t do it. Besides, my customers are worth it.”

This issue, Lainey is taking her ghoulish line that one step further, teasing: “I’ve been taking my time to release the fourth season to make sure it lives up to customer expectations.   It’s even better in story and overall experience than the last one.  It revolves around our everyday fears and that’s all I’m saying!”

Stay tuned. Check out for more infectious info.


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