Into It. Over it.

Heartache has never sounded so good: the acoustic star uses verse and chorus as closure from past loves

By Sarah Hayhurst

“A MAN called Nick who I have never met before said I was the most depressing man ever. He said that black blood pumps through my veins.”
This bearded man is far from depressing as he tells you a story for every song and makes the crowd laugh along. Evan Weiss is not just a man on the stage, he’s like that cool friend who plays guitar and is wittier than you.
Every song he plays is self-biographical, you can tell from the way he puts every ounce of effort he can into each chord he’s not playing just another song, he’s playing you a piece of his life.
A prime example is his second song “22 syllables” about a girl who chose a guy she met on the internet over him. You think he’d be bitter but instead he laughs and plays the song.
He played his title track “Proper” from the album of the same name released on No Sleep records. His voice is so clear cut yet blends with his guitar.
His songs seem like a self-therapy process, especially “Connecticut Steps”. He speaks about losing a friend, but he doesn’t sit and cast the sympathy vote he tells us how his friend played trombone in a ska band and how his life-motto was “F**k off all nerds!”.

It’s not about the obvious; it’s about being a family in punk rock and accepting everyone. The respect from the crowd can be felt, silently everyone looks around.
His last song is a request: “Logan Square”, a break-up song but not your typical ‘weep to yourself as you think about how it all horrifically went wrong’. It’s about being grown-up about it and understanding you can’t just pack-up and forget things straight away.
This bearded man doesn’t just play some songs, he tells you a story and it’s a story you can relate to.

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