All is Swell with punk rock music

"We are punk rock": vocalist Nick reminds Glasgow to keep punk alive

By Sarah Hayhurst

The SWELLERS are essentially the new kids on the Punk-rock block. Long gone are the long fringes and an over-powering sense of angst; they bring a new energy to the floor which is there from the offset as the crowd jumps around and sings back their first song “Runaway”.
They’ve got the perfect guitar riffs for headbanging, the fast pace for the crowd to sing along, and choruses made to be shouted back.
When they play “Fire Away” the energy ups again as the crowd push closer to the barrier singing louder and pumping their fists harder. The breaks in the song allow the crowd to catch their breath before they sing the chorus as loud as they can.
They ask for a circle pit for their next song “2009” and they get it. The crowd give back to the band the energy they are giving them. Lead singer Nick Diener comes to the barrier, interacting with the audience as guitarist Ryan Colins and bassist Anto Borros jump around the stage. Drummer Johnathan Diener gives just as much as he maintains the fast pace of their catchy songs.
Leading into their next song, Nick mentions how he cut his knuckles opening a beer bottle, which leads into their song “Bottles” nicely. Not once do they drop their energy. Also carrying on with Evan Weiss (Into It, Over it) at the side of the stage as he plays.
Every chorus seems to be sung back to the band with more gusto each time. As they play “The Best I Ever Had” the crowd should be at their peak, but they still reflect the intensity from the stage.

Instead of the usual encore, the band stay on the stage and Nick asks for any requests.  They’re soon playing “Skoots” to a more than happy crowd.

The last song “My Everest” finishes the show on as much of a high note as it began.
The crowd does not drop in intensity at all. The Swellers have a dedicated fan base which keeps growing. This is of no surprise when they look and sound as good as they do.

These youngsters of punk rock are on their way to something big.

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